Close: Third Phase of Inbound Marketing

We already discussed about the first phase & the second phase of inbound Marketing. Now that you know about them, let’s get started with the third phase of inbound marketing as we explore  the inbound methodology. Here you will find all about the third phase of the Inbound Methodology.

What is the Third Phase phase of Inbound Marketing?

The third phase of inbound marketing is the close stage. In this third marketing stage, the goal is to use all the information you have & try to close the client using different methods like lead scoring, managing your sales pipeline, nurturing leads, using email marketing to keep in contact with the lead and having an open channel of communication with your sales team. 

What are the actions I can take in the Third Phase of Inbound Marketing?

Lead Scoring

You managed to convert some leads, that’s great! But now what?

You can’t expect that all leads will be the same or all of them are going to convert into sales. That’s why you have to score all your leads based on different things like:

  • Their company type/industry
  • Their job title
  • Their company size
  • How many pages of your website they read
  • Offers they downloaded

This way you can get a better picture of who your lead really is and how much effort you should invest in it to close the sale.

By scoring your leads in the third phase fo inbound marketing you will also be able to manage your time & allocate resources to close depending on the score the lead has. The reason behind this is because even though the lead converted on a contact form or chat, it doesn’t mean they are qualified to be your clients.

Email Marketing

Who said email marketing was dead? Email marketing might be one of the best tool in your marketing arsenal. Email marketing is perfect for the close phase because you can use it to segment content and deliver it to your leads as you try to close them.

In fact, follow-up emails are a great tools for engaging your leads after they’ve filled out a form on your site. This is because when they do this the information about your product or service is in their top o mind and an email about the topic might catch their attention, specially if it is about something they have been interested in.

Another advantage of using email marketing in the third phase of inbound marketing is that as you segment content for your leads you generate more value for them because you are sending them additional information about something that might be useful for them.

Using a CRM for marketing automation

Using a CRM in the third phase of inbound marketing can be really useful, you can automate pop-ups on your website offering your leads some downloadable file like and ebook or other type or archive, that surely will make them think more about you & likely will help close the sale really soon .

Combining efforts with your sales department

In the third phase of inbound marketing it’s really crucial that your marketing team works together with your sales team. Think of it as the point where you hand of the lead to from the marketing department to the sales department for them to finish them closing them.

Combining efforts with your sales department reporting means that the sales teams keeps the marketing team up to speed on what happens to the leads. Which leads closed into a sale & Which leads weren’t qualified enough.

How can The Inbound Project help me?

If you are having trouble with the third phase of inbound marketing, contact us and we will give you a free consultation on how you can start.

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