Inbound Sales

Build a sales process
around your buyers journey

Inbound Sales

Inbound Sales Methodology: transform the entire sales strategy to serve the buyer

An inbound sales methodology develops a sales process to support the prospect through their buyer’s journey. Throughout the process there are some stages that buyers move through: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

Note as well the four actions (Identify, Connect, Explore, and Advise) inbound sales teams must implement to support qualified leads into becoming opportunities and eventually customers.

Inbound Sales

The 4 stages of the inbound sales methodology

Identifying the right business opportunities from the beginning can be the difference between a thriving business and a failed one. Understanding what to look for also allows salespeople to build a reliable, efficient inbound sales funnel.

Most of the customers are already at the stage of the buying process before they engage with the sales team. Inbound sales teams prefer aggressive buyers over passive buyers. Aggressive customers may have recently visited the company's website, filled out a questionnaire or opened one of the sales team's emails.

Do your research. Talk to good fit customers, ask for introductions on LinkedIn, and set up Google alerts. .

Begin contacting inbound leads and companies. These are website visitors that provide their contact information via a conversion form and are from a company that matches your ideal buyer profile. .

Start contacting the behavior-based leads. Leverage event software activated to understand which of your prospects are visiting your website, opening your emails, and even accessing your pricing section.
Inbound sales people interact with leads to help them decide whether to prioritize the target or obstacle they face. If the buyer wants to do so, these leads will become eligible leads.

Legacy salespeople use cold e-mails and voicemails with the same standard elevator pitch and lure the customer with a discount. Inbound salespeople are delivering a personalized message to the buyer's background. This could be the buyer's industry, position, interests, common relations, and so on.

Define the people. Understand the unique perspectives of the individuals you're trying to reach.

Define the sequences for each person and their preferences.

Define the content for each sequence. Most of these buyers are in the “awareness” stage of their buying journey. Your goal is to educate them on the problem or opportunity they are exploring.
Inbound sales people explore their qualified leads' goals or challenges to assess whether their offering is a good fit.

Guide an exploratory conversation so that you’re in control, but your prospect feels like they’re being empowered to make the right decisions.

Focus on the prospect’s challenges first.

Connect goals with those challenges. Talk about the prospect’s goals.

Give the prospect a solution within their timeline

Discuss budget. The final thing to understand is how the prospect will fund any investment they must make to implement their new plan.
Inbound sales people educate clients on why their approach is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the buyer.

As an inbound sales person, you serve as a translator between the generic messaging found on your company’s website and the unique needs of your buyer.

Suggest ways to achieve their goals. Craft a customized presentation that connects their goals and challenges to your offering, and shows exactly how they’ll benefit with your service.

Confirm budget, authority and timeline to finally close your client.


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