Create beautiful email campaigns to
engage with your customer

Good email marketing starts with valuable content.

Good email marketing begins with the content you are sending your subscribers. Put yourself in their shoes and ask, would I like to receive this thing?

Remember your prospects don’t care about your business. They care about their challenges and how you can help them to solve them. That’s why you have to create and share content that is useful and interesting to them.

Email  is indeed an incredibly effective way to communicate with your audience and making the journey through the sales and marketing funnel easier, making people happy clients but the sad truth is that there is a lot of bad email marketing out there.

Good email marketing is
integrated, relevant and expected.

Integrated Email
Email marketing is most powerful when it is integrated through search, social media, mobile and analytics with the rest of your marketing efforts.

Integrating Email Marketing is easier said than done, you need tools that lets you asses all the information that is coming from your email marketing campaigns. You can optimize the websites you promote by email, use social media to grow your information beyond your email list, ensure that information is displayed well across mobile devices, and collect information on how to market your email.
Relevant Email
Segmentation is the best way to give your email marketing campaigns some relevance. Sending relevant emails wins you more mindshare as well as better results

Whether you segment your database depending on demographics or conduct or both, this strategy is critical to ensuring that the correct message is sent to the correct individual at the correct moment.

Not only will you get more clicks, you'll also reach higher deliverability, segmented emails get 50% more clicks than their untargeted counterparts
Expected Email
Not only is good email something would want to receive, it's also something someone expects to receive.

This means that your subscriber has opted in and you meet CAN-SPAM requirements, including making it easy for your subscribers to opt out if they want.

Be sure to communicate from the beginning of the relationship, as clicking through rates decreases over time as your subscriber age increases, and trigger emails based on the behavior of your subscribers.

Focus on your goals instead of sending bad email

If your email is going to be bad, don’t send it! Don’t do email marketing for the sake of doing it. Every marketing effort you make should be goal oriented.

Identifying what the goal is for each email will help you decide what the email should look like and help you measure whether it has been successful or not.

Email is only as good as the quality of your recipient list. Each year there is a natural decay of contact database, as people change jobs or email addresses.

You should make a priority to keep an updated database which will allow you to keep doing your email campaigns effectively.


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